Who We Are

We are a technical Manufacturers Representative agency, servicing many manufacturing industries including Automotive, Die and Mold, Aerospace Medical, Quality and Maintenance.


Gorilla Mill

Our modern facility has been producing and sharpening cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive, medical and manufacturing industries for well over 40 years

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Rocky Mountain Twist

Rocky Mountain Twist Advancements through technology and process improvements have positioned Rocky Mountain Twist as the quality and performance leader of industrial drill bit manufacturing. Until recently the process of grinding a drill bit from a solid high-speed steel blank has changed very little over the years.

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K-Tool Inc

K-Tool, Inc. is a manufacturer of standard and special design indexable carbide tooling for use in the metalworking industry. We are located in south central Pennsylvania

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Oemeta The Coolant Company

Family owned for over 100 years. Providing metalworking coolants, oils, lubricants, tapping fluids and oil-free products that work together in the sump to significantly reduce tramp oils and increase tool life. Way oils that adds to the coolant, reducing the need to skim, add or replace your sump. High accuracy test strips eliminate coolant issues…

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VARGUS is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, precision threading, grooving, turning and hand deburring tools. Established in 1960, VARGUS is the cutting tools division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a multinational organization headquartered in Germany.

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What makes an HPI – PIONEER Tool Holders great are the differences. Tool holders with 1/2 the guaranteed run-out of the competition. Balanced to a grade that exceeds most machine builder’s requirements. Providing high quality tools to increase performance at a great price point. Pioneer offers a full line of CAT, BT, HSK collet chucks,…

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tools for your de-flashing and deburring needs. B10, B20, E100 and E300

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URREA professional quality hand tools feature a broad offering of industrial grade hand tools with a 100 year warranty. Sockets, insulated tools striking tools, wrenches, non-sparking tools, jobsite boxes, safety tools and much more. Guadalajara, Mexico. URREA tools are forged from U.S. made steel.

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Mate work holding

Increase your factory productivity with the all new, next generation 52/96 workholding system from Mate Precision Technologies: Mate DynoGrip™ Vises, Mate DynoLock™ Bases and Mate DynoMount™ Mounting Accessories.

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